Conquer new markets, strengthen your competitiveness… Exporting can be a winning strategy provided you prepare it well upstream.

Yzico is an accounting and audit firm spread over 25 branches across the north-eastern quarter of France (Grand Est) and Paris. With more than 60 years of experience and with 560 employees and 31 associates, the firm aims to support over 11,000 clients far beyond traditional accounting. Yzico brings expertise to further clients’ development in business creation, coaching, development, funding, business strategy, management, human resources, wealth management, digital solutions, retirement, life insurance. The firm’s goal is to help entrepreneurs reach their objectives by sharing experience of business management and strategy. In short, the objective is no longer to analyze the past but to use it to build the clients’ future.


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Our teams support experienced, new as well as aspiring entrepreneurs.
Yzico offers a wide range of services to entrepreneurs thanks to experts, services, tools, proven methods and the proximity of our offices.


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  • « By providing daily services to our customers, we are a full-service company with high-level quality. Mutual trust and passion for our customers’ success are the driving forces behind our teams to deliver exceptional service to individuals, businesses and organizations. We look forward to supporting you with your activities in France. »

    Marc SCHNELL
    International division manager Yzico
    Sur linkedin

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At the heart of our success is a complex web of connections, collaborations and synergies. At Yzico, we firmly believe in the power of unity and the importance of strategic partnerships. These alliances allow us to reach new heights, explore new opportunities and meet the needs of our customers even more comprehensively.

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