French appeal

Every year, foreign companies open more than 25,000 businesses in France. French companies are also targeted by foreign buyers. France boasts a number of assets: of the 14 countries studied, it ranks top for funding and tax incentives for research and development thanks to its research tax credits, ahead of the USA.

This proactive approach to the new economy is facilitated by a high penetration rate for high-speed broadband, with France ranked second in Europe, behind the Netherlands.
French appeal is also about its culture, its cuisine, its history, and its lifestyle.
Source: Business France (Pourquoi investir en France [Why you should invest in France])

What do foreign investors want?

To found or acquire a company in France with total peace of mind.
To find the right premises, recruit a qualified workforce and, if necessary during the start-up phase, benefit from the services of a secretary, a meeting room with videoconference facilities, a translator, an information system, etc.
To take advantage of the full range of financial optimisations.
To secure fiscal and corporate obligations.
To benefit from a single point of contact with access to multidisciplinary professionals.
To develop a broad network of skills (lawyers, notaries, banks, research labs, government, regions, entrepreneur communities, etc.)
To help their management teams relocate abroad.
To get themselves and their families set up without a hitch.



A major player in consulting

YZICO is a major player in consulting. 7000 entrepreneurs place their trust in 300 staff working in 18 local branches and 20 affiliates in Paris and Eastern France, at the very heart of Europe. YZICO is a long-standing and active member of networks of major economic players in government and the private sector. Joining YZICO means enjoying the support of the business world.

Proven, undeniable expertise

YZICO is a chartered accounting and statutory auditing company. This means its expertise comes with the full range of certifications and guarantees of confidentiality conferred as part of its membership of the French Association of Chartered Accountants and the French National Register of Statutory Auditors. YZICO is also ISO 9001 certified and a founding member of France Défi, France’s leading group of independent chartered accountants and statutory auditors.

Bespoke support

Getting your business off to the right start in France also involves the well-being of your employees and their families.

  • YZICO provides support with relocation (accommodation, schools, etc.) and paperwork (residency, taxes, social security, etc.).
  • Full access to our networks to help your staff’s spouses and partners find work.
  • Partnership with language schools to learn French.
  • Facilitating family integration: the city’s potential, higher education opportunities, etc.